Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teasar ~ Long H I A T U S

a thousand & one apologies brides to be for not updating! we've been really busy with our another D'Splendeur Boutique ( new arrival blouse and some more dinner dress ) so D'Splendeur Wedding Gallery will be taking a break but fret not! we will be back! look out for teasers kay? :D

~ Salam Ramadhan Al- Mubarak ~

SAlam Aidilfitri,
D'Splendeur Wedding Gallery


ErriNa said...

wow...new dress dinner... jgn lupa update k... saya dah mula jatuh hati dgn pakej u all... butik u dlm 1st list sy utk our weeding... hope nnti ada yang memikat hati saya... any news tell me k... Good luck!!!

D'Splendeur Group said...

thx ErriNa. a big compliment tu. so nanti u send email or text to our hp no ya. so till now stil waiting photo2 tu siap. then will update here k. Have a lovely day dear~

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